18th XP BALI SIXES – EASTER 2014 April 18th – 20th 2014


18th XP BALI  SIXES  -  EASTER                                               18th XP BALI  SIXES  -  EASTER 2014 April 18th – 20th 2014

Developing Cricket for Indonesians’

18th XP BALI  SIXES  –  EASTER 2014 April 18th – 20th 2014

“Bali: always happy to welcome you”

CIRCULAR03 January 26th 2014                         Update on the Sixes



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                     1998 Rebels                       2004 Top Enders      2010 Top Enders               

1999 Ceylon                      2005 Geckos              2011 Denpasar

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Main Sporsor           XP Properties, Bali


Thus far 17 teams have Registered from Australia (5), Malaysia (1), India (2)  and Indonesia (9)  This is a terrific response and we ask teams who have not paid to do so by Feb 28th to guarantee participation..Normally we only accept 14 teams maximum thius it will be first paid first in. Payment instructions are as follows:


Registration Fee of US$ is US$ 500 or  equivalent (Rp 6 million or AUD 565) to be sent to any of the following banks. The Fee includes costs of 10 players, all balls, special T shirts with team’s logos and colours, the Tournament Dinner and our speciality Trophies specially carved by Balinese craftsmen given to all finalists, best players and others:


INDONESIA                                                                                         AUSTRALIA

Account Name:          INI RADEF                                                     Udayana Cricket Club,

Bank:                          CIMB NIAGA                                                   MECU Bank

Bank Address:           Tragia Building Nusa Dua,                          James Cook University,

Phone :                        62-361-772793                                               Townsville, 4811, Australia

Account No.:             490-01-00054-00-4                                      Acc No 23198322

Bank Swift Code:      BNIAIDJA                                                        BSB No 803 140

For                               Bali Sixes                                                         Member No 16132 INIRADEF


The program is as advertised in our First Circular remains as a three-day tournament making full use of the Friday:

    Friday 18th April, 2014        8.30am to 5.30pm – for those teams able be in Bali on the Friday

    Saturday 19th April, 2014     8.30am to 5.30pm – continuous competition 6s cricket

  Sunday 20th April, 2014       9.00am to 1.00 pm – 4 finals, a Bali young players’ match; then

                                           presentations. (This day always allowing for rain adjustment.)


For those teams who cannot play on Friday we can adapt the program to your needs. Also we can give teams starting times so they can maximise their day if they wish to do other activities.

If the two Darwin Bulls teams do not meet in the Tournament we will make sure these entertaining sides will play each other in an “Exhibition Match !!”  in The Sunday programme.


The Players Dinner on Saturday will be immediately after the final game on the Saturday in the gardens of the Club House of The Udayana CC at The Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge (one km from the oval). We hope wives, partners and girlfriends will attend.


Also don’t forget to send your requirements re Team name, colour of T shirt, team and any sponsors logo for inclusion plus player sizes so we can match shirts properly to  Gede Ori at email cricket@ecolodgesindonesia.com.


If you need any further information please email us at cricket@ecolodgesindonesia.com copied to alanwilson21@hotmail.com


We look forward tremendously to your participation in this unique cricket festival organised by one of the most eccentric cricket clubs on the globe (quote–UK Sunday Independent ). This is the only tournament in the world which sponsors a number of Indonesian local teams to encourage the development of this great game in this vast country.


Yours sincerely,


Alan Wilson,

Hon Sec,Udayana CC, Jimbaran,, Bali    Email alanwilson21@hotmail.com

18th XP BALI  SIXES  -  EASTER 2014 April 18th – 20th 2014

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