3D Home Tours now available at Xclusive Property Bali

We have recently teamed up with 3D Home Tours. We really believe this is something to consider and definitely worth the investment. Due to Bali being one of the most traveled to Island’s as well as foreigners being a big percentage of buyers, we believe by investing in the 3D Home Tour it will increase the speed of sale of your villa.


Well, there are two factors to take into account:

One being, as mentioned above, foreigners are a big percentage of interested investors. This means we often have an influx of inquiries with regards to your listed villas, however we have to wait for a trip to be scheduled in order for the interested party to come and view your villa. This delaying the sale of your villa, as sometimes we have to wait up to 6months for the clients to arrive. 

The second factor is, you as the vendor have probably purchased your current Villa for investment reasons, meaning you probably lease out your villa. This makes it very challenging for us as agents to arrange viewings when you have guests occupying your villa – resulting in disappointment buyers.

Therefor, this is why we suggest you look at the 3D Home Tours. This allows interested buyers to have a much better look and feel of your villa before booking plane tickets, resulting in better quality of inquiries, which in turn should speed up the sale of your villa.

The 3D Home Tour also gives us a back up plan should your villa be occupied and we can not arrange access. We will now be able to send the tour of your villa to the clients and see if they still feel the same and wish to persue the inspection which again, will result in less disappointed buyers and a faster transaction.

A bonus factor is, should you be running a rental business and leasing out your villa – you will have access to this 3D virtual tour which you too will be able to load on to your website creating more interest in your property and increasing your occupancy. 

Please Click Here : What is Virtual tour, should you have any further queries regarding pricing and how to book the 3D virtual tour please contact us here at Xclusive Property: info@xpbali.com.

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