Blessed to be at Bondalem Bliss…

Bon Dalem Bliss villa

Blessed to be at Bondalem Bliss…

This weekend, I had the opportunity to explore a little bit of North Bali.

As I made my way towards North Bali, I had the most beautiful scenic drive through the mountains. From the most exquisite greenery of Rice Paddy’s, to the fluffiest and fullest Hydrangeas I have ever seen.

The trip from South Bali to North Bali is about a 3hour drive depending on traffic. I eventually arrived at Bondalem Bliss Boutique, where I would be spending the evening.

As I arrived and parked my car, I was introduced to the owner of Bondalem Bliss, Jamie.

She took me around and showed me where I would be staying. What a beautiful set up!

The Villa has 2 bedrooms downstairs, which both have en-suite bathrooms. These bathrooms were something to write home home about. The walls were pebbled with black pebbles, the open shower was met by the starry night sky. It was just beautiful. The villa has a little kitchenette, and stairs which lead up into the third bedroom, which has a loft/ bungalow feel, with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Downstairs, there is a massive dinning room table in an open living set up with a view of an immaculate garden.

Towards the back of the main villa, there is another 2 sleeper room and bathroom. The property also has staff which clean and maintain the villa as well as prepare delicious meals.

The owner and hostess of the Villa, Jamie, manages as well as stays on the premises making sure everything works like clock work. Jamie joined me for dinner and explained the menu. They had cooked chicken breast, accompanied with brown rice, tempe, an Israeli salad comprising of these blood red tomatoes and onions and to top it off a deliciously strange vegetable I had never seen or tasted, that apparently comes from the butternut family.

Jamie explained she started Bondalem Bliss just over 2years ago.

Jamie is originally from the Bronx, New York. Travelled far and wide and landed up in Bali where she decided to take on this massive project. Jamie, enjoys starting and activating businesses to the point where they are able to operate on their own. She has trained the staff, renovated the premises, thinking of everything possible to make sure you as a guest are in luxury and comfort. The Villa’s and Property is spotless and perfectly organized.

As the evening was coming to an end, I was given something sweet. 3 scoops of ice-cream, and a chocolate swirl – the perfect dessert to an awesome day and dinner.

As I woke up the following morning, the menu was lying on the table with a pen so I could choose my breakfast. Yoghurt, and granola followed by waffles was the perfect choice. French press coffee was sent to me as I stared into the well manicured garden which met the beach front, ocean view. What a blissful morning.

This is a place I will recommend over and over again should you be heading towards Bondalem, North Bali. It is really affordable, and you are treated like royalty. I would like to thank Jamie for her amazing hospitality.

Stay tuned to see where I landed up next in the North of Bali…

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