3-5 April 2015

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History of these Sixes

The Bali Sixes was started by a group led by Terrance Fimstone (The Bali International Cricket Club – BICC) in Easter 1997 and aimed to promote cricket for enjoyment in Bali for all ages and types of cricketer. The BICC continued the organisation until 2009 under Ian Jasper. In 2010, management of these auspicious local Sixes was taken by The Udayana Cricket Club, based at Udayana University, the first all Indonesian managed, residential club in the world. We are very proud to announce that the PRIMARY SPONSOR for 19th Sixes continues to be XCLUSIVE PROPERTY, Bali’s primary property agency.


This Tournament has developed a well deserved reputation for accepting any team whatever the standard in order to promote the game among local people. It is the only cricket tournament in Indonesia that accepts Indonesian teams with the aim of promoting the game with good expat sides as a stimulus to better play.


This year we welcome a number of new teams Lake Grace CC from Western Australia, Gandhi Memorial International School from Jakarta, the three Indonesian provincial sides from Nusa Tenggara Barat, East Kalimantan and West Java and three new Balinese teams XCLUSIVE People, Bali Sports Foundation and Gandhi Memorial International School. It is good to see the usual great support from DKI Jakarta and the three loyal Balinese clubs Sanur, Denpasar and Udayana.

We greatly thank you for all your support. The Bali International Cricket Sixes has played a pioneering role in beginning and spreading the great game of cricket to the Indonesian people. It is one of the few opportunities for young Indonesian players to play with and against expatriates. By supporting us, you help us continue this very challenging but rewarding task. One of the great challenges in the development of Indonesian cricket is the sustainability of new players and thus the development of an Elite squad which is competitive internationally.

Managers of the 18th Bali Sixes

We wish to acknowledge the hard work of the managers and all persons under them who are responsible for these Sixes. In particular our Tournament Director Soni Hawoe (ICC Coordinator for Eastern Indonesia) our Tournament Manager, Gede Ori Chairman of The UCC who has worked tirelessly in the background ensuring all facets are covered and Brent Palfreyman who is Head of Umpiring the Tournament.

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Winners of the Sixes since inception

1997 Rebels (Jakarta)                                         2007 Udayana CC (Bali, Indonesia)

1998 Rebels (Jakarta)                                        2008 Top Enders (Darwin, Australia)

1999 Ceylon (Jakarta)                                         2009 Jakarta Globe Tigers (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2000 International Cricket Club                          2010 Top Enders (Darwin, Australia)

2001 Cricket Shop (Darwin, Australia)                 2011 Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia)

2002 Indorama (Jakarta, Indonesia)                   2012 Indorama (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2003 The Bali Geckos (Bali, Indonesia)             2013 Indorama (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2004 Top Enders (Darwin, Australia)                 2014 Indorama (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2005 The Bali Geckos (Bali, Indonesia)             2015 ???

2006 Udayana CC (Bali, Indonesia)


About the Sponsors of the 19th Sixes

All Sponsors have given funds in the knowledge that their money is being used to assist the expenses of Indonesian teams who wish to play in the Sixes. This includes travel assistance, some equipment purchase and help with the Tournament Fee. This year we have helped expenses of six Indonesian teams.



This year we are fortunate to again attract the sponsorship of Bali’s foremost Real Estate companies Xclusive Property as our PRIMARY SPONSOR for the 19th Bali International Cricket Sixes. Neil Power and everyone associated with Xclusive Property would like to extend a warm welcome to all the players, friends and family to Bali and the Bali International Cricket Sixes He states “it is my privilege to sponsor this fantastic event.  Xclusive Property opened its doors in 2007 and since then we have grown into Bali’s premier real estate company, starting off with myself and three employees, we have grown into one of the most recognizable real estate brands here on this island we call home. We now have large offices in Seminyak and Jimbaran and we employ over 20 staff including our own in house legal department. We are a family owned company with family values, being South African cricket is in my blood and I enjoy immensely playing a small part in the development of cricket in Bali and Indonesia as a whole. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to catch up with you for a beer after the games.

Xclusive Property’s vision of service excellence in the Real Estate Industry in Bali is beneficial to you, the client, as they endeavour to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for, be it your dream villa or that special piece of Land to design your own, or an investment opportunity, our dedicated teams of experts will walk you through the process never forgetting that we work for you. With our team of specialists in Villa rentals, Land acquirement, development and construction, you will know that your interests are in safe hands. So no matter how big or small your needs are, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help make that dream come true”.




We especially welcome the following new comers.

Lake Grace is captained by Braydon Reynolds and we will expect an aggressive and attacking form of cricket characteristic of Australian teams. We hope that they will enjoy their stay and we look forward to their play.


The five Indonesian provincial or capital city sides outside Bali are captained by Indonesian players who have all passed through the Udayana Cricket Club training program, have settled in other parts of Indnesia and now bring back many new players to challenge us. All have represented Indonesia in national teams and we are very proud of them.

Thus Nusa Tenggara Timor is led by Zachariah Awang who was an ICC funded trainer (2002 – 2009) training mainly in Bali, NTT and West Java. He has represented the Indonesia national team in Perth (2002), Japan (2004) and Vanuatu (2005). Zach is a spin bowler and an aggressive middle order batsman.

The Jawa Barat team is captained by DeSandri (Candil) fast bowler and has played for the national Under team in Jakarta, Under 17 in Vanuatu, Under 19 in Queensland and the national team in Auckland (2013) and Lismore (2014). The coach is the veteran Melven Ndoen who has faithfully served Cricket Indonesia for over 20 years. Melven has developed many clubs in Bogor and Banten. Melven is a medium pace bowler and sound middle order bat.

Kalimantan Barat is captained by Bernardus Elly who is a native to Roti island in NTT and has played for the national Indonesian team in Australia (2002) and Samoa (2009)

The two Jakarta DKI teams are captained by Yeri Rosongna and Fernandes Nato who are both well known Indonesian cricketers. Rosongna (born on the island of Alor in NTT) has worked for the ICC since 2002 and now works for KONI the national cricketing body. He has played for the Indonesian national team all over the pacific since 2002. Nato (known as Nando) was born on the island of Flores also in NTT, worked for Ecolodges Indonesia but now lives in Jakarta. He learnt his cricket in Labuan Bajo and has played for Indonesia in Auckland (2007, 2013), Samoa (2009) and Lismore Australia (2014).

GMIS, Jakarta is captained by Pratyush Cathur Vedhi, currently the best bat in the Jakarta League and has played for Indonesia in the Under 15 (Melbourne 2005)and the national senior side in Auckland (2007) and Samoa (2009). This team will be good and will challenge for the trophy. They should be watched. This team will challenge for the Trophy.

GMIS Bali has a close connection with the Udayana CC through ex Principle RP Devgan, who has been Chairman of the UCC (2011). Their team will be captained by Devendra Singh who has played in the Bali League for many years for The Veterans and Sanur.

XClusive People, sponsored By XClusive Properties, is captained by a Sri Langkan international player Roshan da Silva and will have a number of good players. Roshan played for the Under 19 national team over 10 years ago. This is a team to be watched.

Bali Sports Foundation developed by Wayan Sam and captained by Krishna Yudha has played in the Bali and nearly won the League in 2014. Krishna has played for Bali and many of his team are young and enthusiastic. We look forward to their play.


Denpasar, winners of the Sixes in 2011 will be captained by the veteran Balinese cricketer Wayan Suandi. Wayan was an ICC trainer in the Regency of Denpasar for many years and has developed and trained this team. Wayan himself is a fast bowler and has played for Indonesia in Perth (2002), Japan (2004), Vanuatu (2005), Smoa (2009, 2011) and Auckland (2013).

Sanur CC are great supporters of the Bali League and are captained by Ravi Dallal who is the best bowler in this League. Ravi is a dedicated supporter of cricket in Bali and we are sure team will have to be watched

Udayana Cricket Club the oldest Indonesian club team in the tournament and hosts of the Tournament. Pioneered by Soni Hawoe, Alan Wilson and Gede Ori, the UCC have played every year since 2002 and won twice in 2006 and 2007. Always a team to be watched as their flamboyant style typifies a special approach to the game under their captain Suda Arsa. Suda has played for Indonesia all over Australasia. Vice Captain is Gamantika also an Indonesian national player.


About the Udayana Cricket Club


The Udayana cricket Club (UCC) is the only cricket club totally managed by the Indonesian people in the world. It is thus unique and is one of the national entities which is attempting to bring Indonesia into the cricketing world.


The birth of the Udayana CC took place in 1995 when a group of Australians finalized the constitution of the Bali International Cricket Club (BICC) which included a mandate to teach local Balinese people this great game commencing with the club barman (Agus Anom Abadi, who played for Indonesia in Japan in 2004). A special fund was created and together with four Timorese cricketers (trained by an Australian veterinarian) who then moved to Bali commenced Indonesia cricket.

The development of the UCC is intertwined with the Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge (part of Ecolodges Indonesia) whose staff have played a leading role in the formation of the club in 2002 with Soni Hawoe as its first President, the writing of a Constitution in consultation with Cricket Tasmania, and the formation of four types of membership paying annual fees. The rich help the poor and the key membership types are Indonesian playing members (with very low fees) and foreign social and playing members with much higher fees. Subsequent Presidents have included Tjokorda Oka RP Devgan (The Head of The Gandhi school) and Jeff Tyler (GM of the Marriott Hotel) and Brent Palfreyan (Cricket Tasmania). The Lodge is also the home of the UCC making it a Residential Cricket Club.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has also played an important role. Indonesia became an Affiliate Member of the ICC in 2001 and this stimulated growth in both the UCC and cricket in general in the country. The ICC greatly helped with training programs both in Indonesia and Australia, salaries of training staff in Indonesia and capital developments including equipment and pitch development.

The home ground of the club is The Udayana Oval, a beautiful ground only one km from the Lodge. The club pays for a full time Groundsman and has been responsible for the overall development of the oval over many years.


Our Members come from all over the world. Our main Indonesian members are Balinese, many of whom are cricket fanatics but do not actually play the game. Our foreign members come from Australia, UK, Holland, USA and India. We need and welcome anyone who wishes to join us. Income from foreign members is essential to help our running costs. We have been called (London Sunday Independent) “one of the most eccentric cricket clubs on the globe”.


Our achievements include:

1. Formation of a cadre of key Indonesian cricketers who have both national and international cricket experience and have assisted in the development of national teams to play in ICC tournaments all over the East Pacific in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu and Samoa.

2. Organise the Bali Cricket League since 2002. This league promotes cricket in Bali welcoming any team

3. Stimulate cricket training in eight primary and secondary school in the Jimbaran and Nusa Dua areas of Bali. This is the main source of our young cricketers

4. Organise The Bali International Cricket Sixes from 2010. This successful event has been running over the Easter period in Bali for the last 17 years

5. Encourage foreign teams to stay at our club at The Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge thereby raising awareness about the club’s facilities

6. Act as Training centre for cricket development. For example, the club has played a significant role in the development of cricket in other Balinese regencies especially Buleleng, Gianyar and Denpasar

7. Played a significant role in the development of Cricket Bali and links with the local government cricket committees. Presently the secretary and an adviser of the main government committee are members of the UCC

8. In 2014 assisted in introducing a new form of international cricket to Indonesia “Last Man Stands” working closely with Rob Stevenson and his colleagues.


Membership of The Udayana Cricket Club

We are always looking for social members and anyone interested should contact the Hon Sec at Advantages of membership include:




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