Rice Paddy Views at Warung Bambu

Rice Paddy Views at Warung Bambu:

After I left the beautiful Bondalem Bliss, I made my way to Warung Bambu.

As you walk into Warung Bambu, you cannot help notice the most magnificent rice paddy view!

As you get to the entrance, you are greeted by friendly staff. When walking through the restaurant there is interesting paintings from the Symon Gallery hang all around, creating an artistic ambiance.

Once seated, you will notice the thought and time taken to set up each table. All the tables have napkins folded into little shapes of people. The waitress will then come and offer you something to drink, whilst putting a little bowl of nuts on the table to settle the hungry tummy. One of my favorite smoothies, is the berry smoothie. A drink I would definitely recommend.

The menu is jam packed with delicious dishes, you really are spoilt for choice! I would recommend their chicken curry and their chicken Mie Goreng. It was absolutely delicious.

As Lovina is such a long drive from south Bali, not only can you rent a room at Warung Bambu, you can also book cooking classes to learn more about the Balinese culture while you are there. They really offer it all.

Something which  Warung Bambu pride themselves on, is their consideration for the environment. They don’t waste a drop of water, nor do they mix their rubbish. They make sure everything is binned correctly and any water that cannot be used or has already been used is filtered back into the ground. They are definitely one of the most eco friendly restaurants in Bali.

Do yourself a favour and make the Trip! Definitely one for the books.

Source : http://warung-bambu.mahanara.com/index.html

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